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For companies with sizeable amounts of metal material, we can deliver a box for easy loading and pick up. If you are a business owner who has significant amounts of metal for scrap, we can work with you as well. We offer pickups for anything metal, whether you have electric motors, copper, wires, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, steel, or vehicle batteries. 

We have a wide range of bins available for the collection and removal of scrap metal. We also have several trucks and trailers to back our bin service and can supply a commercial scrap bin for almost every requirement. If you have commercial quantities of scrap metal to remove, then we have a bin to fit your requirements. The size of the box recommended depends on the type of metal you are recycling. Our bin options below will be chosen based on the type of metal you have and the amount that you have. After you have chosen the bin that works perfectly for you, we’ll deliver a scrap metal recycling bin to your site.

Our services to the manufacturing industry include fast, efficient, and reliable collection and removal of metal for recycling. Our bin service includes regular pick-up up services for the bins in assorted sizes. We provide a full range of skip bins, roll-off bins, and forklift bins. We also route and schedules our trucks to pick up your scrap material so it will not interfere with your production.

Why should you get a scrap metal bin?

Scrap metal lying around can pose a significant risk to everyone, from construction workers to small children. When metal piles up outside, it has the potential to rust, which adds the risk of infection and poisoning to the already present risk of injury. If you have metal lying around unattended, you owe it to yourself, your workers, and your family, to get it cleaned up. If you also have a lot of metal lying around it can take up a lot of space so getting a scrap metal bin can help you get a designated place to keep it.